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This initiative is funded by Benalcazar Family and Benalcazar-Ross Family to provide reliable information to students, professional, business and community members who wants to learn and advance their knowledge to cope with current changes in the world and Nature, especially

The contributions we will receive, are going to use for such purpose as scholarships for Children, Young students, Undergraduates and Graduate students, and people who study or conduct research in the Natural Science field to advance decision support system under current climate change scenarios in Soil Health, Water, Agriculture, and Food Systems.

Citizen support, through contributions of time, ideas, initiatives and money, are vital to the operation of this website. If you would like to contribute time as volunteer, please send me an email to Paul Benalcazar_LU or Paul_Benalcazar_UG. If you wish to make a cash donation, please be assured that it will be very appreciate and carefully utilized.

Checks will be sent to:

Thunder Bay , Ontario, Canada

Cellphone 647 801 6727



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